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Boss office feng shui layout, boss office feng shui illustration

Time: 2017-08-01
The most important thing in corporate feng shui is office feng shui, which is the location and direction of the office, because the leader determines the overall development trend of the enterprise. The "enterprise head" symbolizes the locomotive, which drives the running direction and speed of the body and tail of the enterprise. Lao is always the core of a company's leadership. The environment of his office feng shui is very important, such as the choice of office feng shui location, seat selection, office equipment placement and other issues related to feng shui.
First, the layout of the boss's office
1. Avoid punching. If there is a road directly in front of the office building where the office is located, or there are electric poles, transformers, large chimneys, and sharp corners of the building facing the door or the window, it will be called a "rush". If the office building is far away from the "Chongsha", it will not be a big hindrance. However, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to put a tulle veil on the window or use Fengshui to dissolve the mirror.
2. Choose a good neighbor. Feng Shui theory believes that the environmental field has a direct influence on the human body field. Try to avoid office buildings near temples, prisons, etc. There is too much yin, the gas field is not easy to balance, and it is difficult to generate auspicious magnetic fields. On the other hand, it is also prone to secret things, such as office theft, internal employee corruption, burglary. Female employees are not easy to have children, etc.
3. Focus on me. There is a saying in Feng Shui called "Mountains Surrounding Water with Love". You can think of tall buildings as mountains, roads and overpasses as water, and mountains and water must be guarded around me, forming a former Suzaku and a late Xuanwu. , Fengqing Shui, Zuo Qinglong, and Right White Tiger. In other words, the buildings in front are farther and lower; the buildings in the rear are closer and higher; the river on the left or the road with slower traffic; the buildings on the right do not exceed the height of the building where they are located. There are parks, lawns, or calm lakes in front of the real estate, so this should be considered an upper hand.
4. Tibetan wind gathers gas. The boss's office is preferably a suite, with a clerk outside. The outer space should be small, accounting for one third of the entire office area, and the inner space should be two-thirds. Waiting spaces are set up outside to gather popularity. The door in the middle wall of the inner and outer rooms should not be located in the central part, but should be located near the entrance of the overall office. Prevent the boss's indoor wealth from leaking directly, forming a feng shui pattern of "qu is affectionate". On the wall of the outer clerk room, there are business operation charts, flowcharts, etc., to give guests an intuitive understanding of the company, which is convenient for the next communication with the boss. 、景致应多一些,保护室内空气的新鲜,使客人有愉悦感。 The clerk has more indoor flower pots and scenery, which protects the freshness of the indoor air and makes the guests feel happy. The wall between the inside and the outside should not be made of transparent glass, but the closed effect should produce a mysterious and subtle atmosphere effect.
5, better lighting. If the boss's office has glass windows on both sides, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause the indoor people's mental weakness and fatigue. 窗帘拉上。 The window with bad scenery outside the window should be closed with jalousie. If the office has windows on one side, the windows can face east, south, and west, but not north. Because the north is a palace, the main labor hexagram. The yin is heavy, and the yang is difficult to rise, so the pressure on the business is great. If it is a north-facing window, then the writing desk should not be too close to the window. The interior layout, walls, sofas, bookshelves, etc. should be warm tones, or more red, to complement the deficiency of the sun.
6, the layout style should reflect the boss's temperament and character. 布局与家居不同。 The Feng Shui layout of the office is different from that of the home. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decision-making and to take advantage of commercial negotiations. The sofas, hanging pictures and decorations should be chosen so that foreign guests can look up instead of looking down. All these arrangements should be unified on the gossip orientation and color style required by the boss's fortune telling.
7. The seat and orientation of the boss table. The boss desk should not be facing the entrance door, nor should it be facing away from the door. This is called a "six punch". The "six strokes" have aggravated the contradiction, and the impact of failure to achieve everything. The indoor boss desk with strong lighting should be far away from the window, and the indoor desk with weak lighting should be closer. The size of the boss table should be based on the size of the indoor space and the size of the boss himself, and should be harmonious in proportion.
8, highlight the status of the host, to prevent anti-passengers. 、一个挂件都要体现为我所用的原则。 All the decorations and facilities in the room, including a flower pot and a pendant, must reflect the principles I use. The sofa should be placed in a U-shape with the mouth facing the boss table, forming a centripetal force and cohesion.
9, forbidden to sit back to door
The door is a must-have for any office and home. It is the breath of the office. If you sit behind the door, it will form the shock of people coming and going. In the long run, it will cause subconscious tension and form Office feng shui taboo is called "cold wind back blowing."
10. Forbidden to sit near the window
The window is another air inlet connected to the office. It will also absorb anger and anger to a certain extent, and it will cause the mind of the boss and company employees to be unable to concentrate for a long time, reducing the concentration.
11, no backstop position
对于后背无靠山的风水大忌都是要格外小心的,背后有靠山是好风水的一个必要条件,当然老板办公室基本不会有这种情况,但是员工就不一定能够保证了。 Whether it is taboo in the office, the boss office feng shui or home feng shui must be very careful about the backsliding Feng Shui taboo, backing is a necessary condition for good feng shui, of course, the boss office will not basically , But employees may not be able to guarantee it.
12, the location of the boss's office. Due to the relationship of sitting direction, a room will form different location areas.
的大小很有讲究。 13. The size of the boss 's office is very particular. Some bosses have made their offices large in order to show their style, while others have no offices in order to save space. Both situations are not desirable. The size of the boss's office should account for about a quarter or one-fifth of the company's overall area, and it should not be too large or too small (especially the office space, the factory is not included).
Remember that the area of the boss's room should not be too large, it is not easy to gather gas, and it looks like a lonely person, and the business will decline. Do not think that the larger the room, the more elegant, of course, it is too small and inappropriate, which means that the business is not easy to expand and the pattern development is limited. Generally speaking, it should be between 15-30 square meters, and it is best to be located on a higher floor.
14. Place the tables and chairs in the boss's office. The general manager's office chair placement also has strict requirements. First: The back of the chair must not be empty, and there must be a wall as a backing. The Chinese always pay attention to "backing" for everything, and the back wall is "backing". You can only take care of all aspects by relying on Feng Shui.
The correct distance between the boss chair and the wall should be about one foot away from the wall. In this way, the boss chair can be rotated left and right, and it can meet the requirements of doing more and less.
15. The door of the boss' office cannot be opened from the "backer". That is to say, the direction of opening the door cannot be on the wall behind the boss. This can easily cause the company's subordinates to secretly mischief, and they cannot detect it, which will bring unexpected disaster to the company. 的总经理办公室开门原则。 It's not a good idea for the door to go straight to the boss's table. The most standard way to open the door is to open the door on the right front of the boss's table.
16. The route into the boss's room should also be smooth. Although most of the general manager's rooms are at the back, the path from the door to the room must not be tortuous, obstructed by debris, or deep in winding paths. This makes it difficult to get into the room, but will make business development difficult.
形状不宜为“L”形。 17. The shape of the boss 's office should not be "L". Offices with many corners are also inappropriate, and it is not easy to coordinate and communicate with employees and customers. Round offices are also inappropriate.
18. The glass of the boss's room should not be too large or too large, otherwise it will reduce the privacy and should be decorated with curtains. The table should be facing the window, or you can see the employees. It is best to be consistent with the seating position of the employee or the sitting direction of the house.
Second, the choice of boss office location:
The boss of a company must sit in a position of prosperous wealth to have overall leadership and dominance. The location of the general manager's office can be selected according to the specific direction of the house.
The position of the office's financial position: The best position is the diagonal orientation of the door of the boss's office. This includes the following three situations: if the residential door is open to the left, the financial position is on the top of the right diagonal; if the residential door is open to the right , The financial position is on the left diagonal end; if the residential door is opened in the center, the financial position is on the top of the left and right diagonal.
Choice of boss office location
1. To sit in a house facing north and south, you must use the north and southwest as the boss's office.
2. To sit in a house facing the north and south, you must use the south and northeast as the boss's office.
3. To sit in a house facing east to west, you must use the east and northwest sides as the boss's office.
4. To sit in a house facing west to the east, you must use the northwest and southeast or the south as the boss's office.
5. When sitting in a house facing northwest to northeast, the northwest and northeast should be the boss's office.
6. When sitting in a house facing northeast from southwest, the east and southwest should be the boss's office.
7. When sitting in a house facing northwest to southeast, the office of the boss should be the west and northwest or north.
8. When sitting in a house facing northwest from southeast, the southeast and southwest should be the boss 's office .
Third, the position of the boss's desk
The orientation of the boss's desk is very important. It must be placed on the most important position in the room. In principle, it is on the stationary side. However, it is best to position it with the boss's eight-character pattern. For example, if the boss is a Xisi Ming, you must first select Xisi House as the company's location, and then set up the angry side of the building as a boss office. Completely complementary to the natural magnetic field of the gas field, the career will be naturally assisted. 认为若八字缺木,东方属木,所以办公桌最好放在西方,坐西朝东,若八字缺火,南方属火,所以办公桌最好放在北方,坐北朝南;若八字缺金,西方属金,所以办公桌最好放在东方,坐东朝西,若八字缺水,北方属水,所以办公桌最好放在南方,坐南朝北。 Some feng shui divisions think that if the character is lacking in wood, the east is wood, so the desk is best placed in the west, sitting west facing east. The character is short of gold, the west is gold, so the desk is best placed in the east, sitting east facing west, if the character is short of water, the north is water, so the desk is best placed in the south, sitting south to the north. Although it can't be verified, it's harmless.
大师实地堪舆,找出最吉坐位。 The above two are general rules, it is best to ask the Feng Shui master to be on the ground to find the best seat.
Placement of the boss's desk
,所以办公桌不会有冲着大门的事情发生,但是小公司的企业主或是利用客厅做点生意的,就常摆几张桌子当办公室,使得自己的办公桌面向大门,这是不吉的方向,一定要转个向才好。 1. The bosses of large companies usually have their own offices , so desks wo n’t be directed at the door, but business owners of small companies or those who use the living room to do business often put a few tables as offices, so that Your desk is facing the door. This is a bad direction. You must turn it around. In some large companies, some directors and supervisors want to go to work every day. It is best to ask Feng Shui to make a total arrangement of each person's eight characters and the chairman's eight characters to find out each other's complementary position and orientation to avoid easy birth in the future. Tongue and entanglement.
2. The desks of resolution planners such as senior leaders, bosses, chairman, general managers, etc. should generally be based on Guaxiang Jixiang, that is, Jixiang is south, seats are south, Jixiang is east, and seats are east.
3. The desks of middle-level leaders, managers, deputy managers, etc. should generally be based on the four pillars of numerology, that is, the lack of wood, the seat should face east; the lack of fire, the seat should face south, etc.
的朝向还要考虑办公楼所在地的水文地质、环境景观、景象形象天气乃办公楼内部结构情况和气场因素等。 4. In addition, the orientation of the office and even the desk should also take into account the hydrogeology, environmental landscape, landscape image weather of the office building, the internal structure of the office building, and gas field factors.
的正视一定要加强,不可“平时不上香,临时抱佛脚”,到了无可挽回时才想到请风水师 ,使风水符合人们的心理生理习惯。 4. Therefore, as a business operator and manager, we must strengthen the face of Feng Shui . We must not "not be fragrant at all, and hold our feet for a while." When it is irreparable, we think of asking Feng Shui masters to make Feng Shui in line with people's psychophysiological habits.
Fourth, the boss's office is more particular about
The boss's office
1, the boss's office is particular about plants
更佳。 The wealthy place should be filled with lush plants, which will continue to grow, so that the family's wealth can continue to be strong and better.
,尤其是以叶大或叶厚叶圆的黄金葛、橡胶树、金钱树及巴西铁树等最为适宜,但要留意,这些植物应该用泥土来种植,不能以水培养。 Therefore, it is most suitable to place evergreen plants in the financial position, especially large-leaved or thick-leaved golden pueraria, rubber trees, money trees, and Brazilian iron trees. However, it should be noted that these plants should be planted with soil instead of water. to cultivate. It is not advisable to plant thorny cactus plants in the financial position, because such plants are used to dispel evil spirits. If it is unknown, it will be self-defeating, but it will cause damage to the financial position. And because vines are too zigzag, it's best not to put them on the money.
2. Pay attention to the mascots of the boss's office
财位宜放吉祥物:财位是旺气凝聚的所在地,若在那里摆放一些寓意吉祥的招财物件,例如福、禄、寿三星或是文武财神的塑像,这会吉上加吉,有锦上添花的作用。 Mascots should be placed in the boss 's office . The money is the place where the vitality gathers. If there are some lucky items that are meant to be auspicious, such as the statue of Blessing, Lu, Shou Sanxing, or Wenwu God of Wealth , this will be a plus. Kyrgyzstan has the icing on the cake.

Office seats facing Feng Shui
Feng Shui mainly manages fortunes, and the adjustment of fortunes is extremely effective. 的兴衰,事业的成败。 Feng Shui believes that the auspicious environment of the gas field will help people's courage and wisdom to a certain extent, and then affect the rise and fall of business and the success or failure of the cause.
The desks of decision makers such as senior leaders, bosses, chairman, general managers, etc. should generally be based on Gua Xiang Ji Xiang, that is, Ji Xiang is south, seats are south, Ji Xiang is east, and seats are east.
The desks of middle-level leaders, managers, deputy managers, etc. should generally be based on the four pillars of numerology, that is, the lack of wood, the seat should face east; the lack of fire, the seat should face south, etc.
的朝向还要考虑办公楼所在地的水文地质、环境景观、气象气候乃办公楼内部结构情况和气场因素等。 In addition, the orientation of the office and even the desk should also consider the hydrogeology, environmental landscape, weather and climate of the office building, the internal structure of the office building, and gas field factors.
Office seat facing taboo
(1) The seat cannot be directed into the door. Because the door is the airflow and energy entrance and exit of the entire office, the seat is directly opposite the door and will be rushed by the entry gas field, which easily affects one's subconsciousness and spirit system, causing a hot temper or no reason. Ill situation. 或植物,作为化解之道。 A screen or plant can be set up at the door as a solution.
(2) There should be a back (wall or cabinet) behind the seat. The back of the person cannot walk through the door or the aisle as the brain wave radiation area, which is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human induction gas field; therefore, the back of the seat is preferably fixed. Things that don't move; if someone walks behind, it is easy to make people lose their concentration, and they will pay attention to the back of the brain, which will consume energy in the long run and affect work efficiency and health.
(3) If the seat is not close to the wall in front of the seat (the buffer zone is not enough), the eyes of the person are long in front, it is to capture more information; if the seat is too close to the wall, and the surrounding people are not visible, it will cause subconscious uneasiness. It will also affect the stability of the Shenjing system.
(4) It is better not to have people in front of the seat, such as people in front of the seat, and face to face. It is also a kind of psychological shame. Without their own privacy space, they will either make each other comfortable, or they will be distracted, like to talk and laugh with each other, and affecting work. It is best to put some potted plants or papers between them.
(5) The seat cannot be directly facing the toilet door. The toilet is where the bad gas gathers, and the toilet door is the place where the bad gas is discharged. People who have been near the toilet door for a long time, or who are facing the toilet door, will take too much bad gas. sick. 或大型阔叶植物,多少可以挡掉一点秽气,而且厕所门也必需随时关上。 If you can't avoid it, you can install a screen or large broad-leaved plants between the toilet and the seat, which can block a little bit of foul gas, and the toilet door must be closed at any time.
或计算机的后方复印机和计算机的外溢磁场比较强,如座位靠太近或在计算机正后方,久了容易影响到本身的磁场,造成身心方面的障碍,间接地也会影响运势。 (6) The seat cannot be behind the copier or computer. The external magnetic field of the copier and computer is relatively strong. If the seat is too close or directly behind the computer, it will easily affect its own magnetic field for a long time, causing physical and mental obstacles, and indirectly will also Affect fortune. It is best to keep the distance, otherwise it is not necessary to put potted broad-leaved plants in the middle, but the plants must be replaced regularly, otherwise it will become a second source of pollution.
(7) There should be no hand-washing table or water coming out of the faucet next to the seat, which will affect the gas field, because the water itself can gather gas and disturb the magnetic field. People who have been sitting next to the faucet for a long time may experience imbalances or repeated fortunes. It is best to avoid them.
或杂物和厕所一样,垃圾桶或杂物堆,也是秽气的来源,避之则吉。 (8) There should not be a large trash can or debris near the seat. Like the toilet, a trash can or debris pile is also a source of foul gas.
(9) There should be insufficient light on the seat or the light on the seat without windows. If the light on the seat is too weak, it will cause the phenomenon of insufficient solar energy and excessive geomagnetic energy, which will make people lazy and passive, and it is easier to be pessimistic.
厨房,是火气的来源,如靠火气太近,也会影响人体的神精系统和生理场,长久下来,更会阻碍一个人的思考能力,最好是避开。 (10) The seat cannot be directly facing the kitchen or gas stove, refrigerator kitchen. It is the source of fire and gas. If the fire and gas are too close, it will also affect the body's spirit system and physiological field. Over time, it will hinder one's thinking ability It is best to avoid it.
水龙头一样,饮水机也是水气的出口,尤其每天有人去开水、关水的,更容易影响附近磁场的稳定;可以的话,保持一段距离最好。 (11) The seat cannot be directly facing the water dispenser and the faucet . The water dispenser is also an outlet for water and gas, especially if someone goes to turn on or off the water every day, it is more likely to affect the stability of the nearby magnetic field; if possible, it is best to maintain a distance.
(12) The seat cannot be directly opposite the supervisor or the boss's door and supervisor. Generally speaking, the office workers are in the museum system. According to the ancients, the office workers are "gram"; unless you don't have a supervisor and boss in your eyes, otherwise, the most Don't face their room directly, because you will be affected by their every move, you can't concentrate, and it is easy to conflict with them over time. Therefore, it is said that the boss asked the person to walk, so he moved his seat to the door, and after a long time they left automatically.
人的头顶虽然没有长眼睛,但对头顶的东西也特别敏感,总怕上面会有东西掉下来;因此,如果你知道你座位上方有梁或吊灯,你的潜意识无形中就会武装起来,随时准备保护自己,久了你会耗掉很多能量,没作多少事就累得半死。 (13) There should be no beams or chandelier directly above the seat. Although the head of the person does not have long eyes, they are also particularly sensitive to things above their heads, and they are always afraid of things falling down; therefore, if you know that there are beams or chandelier above your seat, Your subconscious will be armed invisibly, ready to protect yourself at any time. Over time, you will consume a lot of energy and become half dead without doing much. If possible, move your seat!
、传真机和冷气机)围住。 (14) The seat cannot be surrounded by large appliances or appliances (computers, copiers , fax machines and air conditioners).
(15) The front of the seat cannot be regarded as the active line (the way for all company members to enter and exit) If the front of the seat is the active line, then there will always be people who come in and out in front of you throughout the day. It will interfere with your magnetic field, make you not concentrated, and you will feel irritable over time. You often make mistakes. If possible, it is better to change your seat unless you are a counter lady.

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